Marina Agranov


Native Play and the Process of Choice in Guessing

Sandro Ambuehl

Stanford University

Belief Updating and the Demand for Information: An Experiment

Anna Dreber

Stockholm School of Economics

It's the Thought that Counts: The Role of intentions in Reciprocal Altruism

John Duffy

University of Pittsburgh

Cheap Talk and Transparency as Substitutes for Commitment in Indefinitely Repeated Policy Games

Judd Kessler

University of Pennsylvania

An Experimental Test of a Complex Market Design: Changing the Course Allocation System at Wharton

Stephen Leider

University of Michigan

Bargaining in Supply Chain Networks

Muriel Niederle

Stanford University

Identifying Predictable Players

Alex Peysakhovich

Harvard University

The relationship between cooperation and punishment: evidence from online experiments

David Rand

Yale University

Institutions build intutitions: creating cultures of cooperation and defection in the laboratory

Tanya Rosenblat

Iowa State University

Social Coupons: Mechanism Design for Social Media

Emanuel Vespa

UC Santa Barbara

Cooperation in Dynamic Games: An Experimental Investigation

Alistair Wilson

University of Pittsburgh

Dissolution of Partnerships in Infinitely Repeated Games: An Experimental Examiniation of Termination Clauses