Marina Agranov


  Tuesday, July 14, 15:05

Native Play and the Process of Choice in Guessing

Sandro Ambuehl

Stanford University

  Tuesday, July 15, 16:00

Belief Updating and the Demand for Information: An Experiment

Anna Dreber

Stockholm School of Economics

  Tuesday, July 14, 11:20

It's the Thought that Counts: The Role of intentions in Reciprocal Altruism

John Duffy

University of Pittsburgh

  Tuesday, July 15, 9:05

Cheap Talk and Transparency as Substitutes for Commitment in Indefinitely Repeated Policy Games

Judd Kessler

University of Pennsylvania

  Tuesday, July 15, 13:45

An Experimental Test of a Complex Market Design: Changing the Course Allocation System at Wharton

Stephen Leider

University of Michigan

  Tuesday, July 15, 15:05

Bargaining in Supply Chain Networks

Muriel Niederle

Stanford University

  Tuesday, July 14, 16:00

Identifying Predictable Players

Alex Peysakhovich

Harvard University

  Tuesday, July 14, 10:00

The relationship between cooperation and punishment: evidence from online experiments

David Rand

Yale University

  Tuesday, July 14, 9:05

Institutions build intutitions: creating cultures of cooperation and defection in the laboratory

Tanya Rosenblat

Iowa State University

  Tuesday, July 15, 11:20

Social Coupons: Mechanism Design for Social Media

Emanuel Vespa

UC Santa Barbara

  Tuesday, July 15, 10:00

Cooperation in Dynamic Games: An Experimental Investigation

Alistair Wilson

University of Pittsburgh

  Tuesday, July 14, 13:45

Dissolution of Partnerships in Infinitely Repeated Games: An Experimental Examiniation of Termination Clauses