Light-hearted Excerpts   [Video]

Daron Acemoglu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Monday, July 20, 11:15

Too Much Data: Prices and Inefficiencies in Data Markets     [Video]

(joint work with Ali Makhdoumi, Azarakhsh Malekian and Asu Ozdaglar)

S. Nageeb Ali

Pennsylvannia State University

  Friday, July 24, 12:45

Reselling Information     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Ayal Chen-Zion and Erik Lillethun)

Robert J. Aumann

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  Tuesday, July 21, 11:15

A Synthesis of Behavioral and Mainstream Economics     [Paper]   [Video]

Dirk Bergemann

Yale University

  Tuesday, July 21, 14:30

Search, Information and Prices     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Ben Brooks and Stephen Morris)

Andreas Blume

University of Arizona

  Monday, July 20, 15:15

Information Processing: Contracts versus Communication     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Inga Delmen and Sean Inoue)

J. Aislinn Bohren

University of Pennsylvania

  Tuesday, July 21, 12:45

Inaccurate Statistical Discrimination: An Identification Problem     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Kareem Haggag, Alex Imas, and Devin G. Pope)

Tilman Börgers

University of Michigan

  Monday, July 20, 10:15

Learning Simplicity     [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with George Mailath)

Hector Chade

Arizona State University

  Tuesday, July 21, 15:15

Screening in Vertical Oligopolies     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Jeroen Swinkels)

Yeon-Koo Che

Columbia University

  Thursday, July 23, 14:30

Weak Monotone Comparative Statics     [Paper]   [Handout]    [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Jinwoo Kim and Fuhito Kojima)

Hülya K. K. Eraslan

Rice University

  Friday, July 24, 14:30

Efficiency with Political Power Dynamics and Costly Policy Change     [Slides]    [Video]

(joint work with Adriana Piazza)

Ignacio Esponda

University of California Santa Barbara

  Tuesday, July 21, 13:30

Asymptotic Behavior of Bayesian Learners with Misspecified Models     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Demian Pouzo and Yuichi Yamamoto)

Alexander Frankel

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

  Monday, July 20, 14:30

Information Hierarchies     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Ben Brooks and Emir Kamenica)

John Geanakoplos

Yale University

  Monday, July 20, 13:45

Money and Status: How to Incentivize Work in a Meritocracy     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Pradeep Dubey)

Matthew Gentzkow

Stanford University

  Thursday, July 23, 12:45

Ideological Bias and Trust in Information Sources     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Michael B. Wong and Allen T. Zhang)

Oliver Hart

Harvard University

  Wednesday, July 22, 11:15

Prosocial Corporate Governance    [Paper]   [Video]

Aviad Heifetz

The Open University of Israel

  Thursday, July 23, 10:15

Liberal Parentalism     [Paper]   [Appendix]   [Video]

(joint work with Enrico Minelli and Herakles Polemarchakis)

Nicole Immorlica

Microsoft Research New England

  Friday, July 24, 09:30

Incentivizing Exploration with Selective Data Disclosure     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Jieming Mao, Alex Slivkins and Steven Wu)

Kyungmin Kim

Emory University

  Wednesday, July 22, 13:30

Competition under Moment Conditions     [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Youngwoo Koh and Weijie Zhong)

Rachel E. Kranton

Duke University

  Friday, July 24, 13:30

Social Networks and the Market for News     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with David McAdams)

George J. Mailath

University of Pennsylvania

  Wednesday, July 22, 10:15

Coalition-Proof Risk Sharing Under Frictions     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Harold L. Cole, Dirk Krueger and Yena Park)

Juan Ortner

Boston University

  Wednesday, July 22, 14:30

Bargaining with Evolving Private Information     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

Parag Pathak

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Thursday, July 23, 11:15

Leaving No Ethical Value Behind: Triage Protocol Design for Pandemic Rationing     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Tayfun Sönmez, M. Utku Unver and M. Bumin Yenmez)

Marcin Pęski

University of Toronto

  Wednesday, July 22, 15:15

Bargaining with Incomplete Information     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

Sven Rady

Universitat Bonn

  Friday, July 24, 10:15

Overcoming Free-Riding in Bandit Games     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Johannes Hörner and Nicolas Klein)

Marzena Rostek

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  Thursday, July 23, 13:45

Decentralized Market Design     [Paper 1]   [Paper 2]   [Video]

Kareen Rozen

Brown University

  Tuesday, July 21, 10:15

Bad Repetition     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Geoffroy de Clippel)

Yuliy Sannikov

Stanford Graduate School of Business

  Monday, July 20, 12:45

Moral Hazard in Stochastic Differential Games: Beyond Markov Equilibrium     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Eduardo Faingold)

Vasiliki Skreta

UT Austin and University College London

  Wednesday, July 22, 12:45

Test Design Under Unobservable Falsification    [Slides]    [Video]

(joint work with E. Perez-Richet)

Lones Smith

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  Friday, July 24, 15:15

The Behavioral SIR Model with Applications to COVID-19 and the Swine Flu Pandemics     [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Samuel Engle, Jussi Keppo, Marianna Kudlyak, Elena Quercioli and Andrea Wilson)

Ran Spiegler

Tel Aviv University

  Tuesday, July 21, 09:30

Cheating with (Recursive) Models     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Kfir Eliaz and Yair Weiss)

Éva Tardos

Cornell University

  Monday, July 20, 09:30

Stability and Learning in Strategic Queuing Systems     [Paper]    [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Jason Gaitonde)

Jean Tirole

Toulouse School of Economics

  Friday, July 24, 11:15

Digital Dystopia     [Slides]

Jörgen Weibull

Stockholm School of Economics

  Thursday, July 23, 09:30

John Nash meets Immanuel Kant: Moral Motivation in Strategic Interactions    [Paper]    [Slides]   [Video]

Myrna Wooders

Vanderbilt University

  Wednesday, July 22, 09:30

Non-Cooperative Team Formation and a Team Formation Mechanism     [Paper]   [Slides]   [Video]

(joint work with Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Greg Leo, Matthew Chambers, Chen Hajaj, Jian Lou and Martin Van der Linden)

Leeat Yariv

Princeton University

  Thursday, July 23, 15:15

Dominance Solvability in Random Games     [Paper]   [Video]

(joint work with Noga Alon and Kirill Rudov)